What to look for in an attorney

There are various types of attorneys who have been trained to deal with specific cases.  There are many people nowadays who would want to have their cases dealt with in the most professional way. It just never matters where the attorney can be found, what many people worry about is whether he is knowledgeable and competent to handle their cases.  It is also important for the attorney to treat you in a way that will put confidence in you about his services.  There are many places where you can seek the attorney.  The question is “How Do You Identify A Good Attorney?

First of all, the internet has all sorts of agencies for such professionals.  You should therefore be keen enough to ensure that you stick on the right attorney that not only specializes in your case, but also have some knowledge on the other areas of law related matters.  Education as well as experience is the most important factors to go for.  Some of the areas where most attorneys specialize include; criminal work, personal injury, intellectual property, compensation of workers, family related issues among other factors.

It is important to understand the working strategy of the attorney.  In this case, check whether he will handle the case alone or whether he has some associates.  Another thing you need to know from the attorney is whether his rates will rhyme with your financial capacity.  It is much safer to ask for the overall rates rather than hourly rates because they can be much expensive.

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There are some attorneys who work on a contingency basis.  it is helpful to know if your attorney is working from this perspective as it will help you know whether  you owe him nothing just incase you loose that case. A good attorney should help you in all the critical areas and stand by you at all times. For instance, it is good to know whether the attorney together with his associates will help you with a state audit during the time of taxation difficulties.   if possible get to know whether they have other options through which they solve such a situation just incase the first plan fails.

There are some rights that should be maintained especially from the client’s perspective. An attorney needs to respect your opinions and advise just incase there is need to.  In the first case, your attorney should never add any extra expenses on the estimated budget. He or she should always inform you of any accruing expenses in good time so that you plan for that.  A good attorney will always let you go through any letters and statements and other materials that are involved in your case, this will also help in developing on trust.  A pleasant attorney is good to work with because he will give you some room to ask questions, share your views, and have the time to listen to you. If your attorney is in a rush, unfriendly and impolite, those are red signs that you should seek for another attorney.

Always check on the communication pattern of your attorney or his associates. In this case, they should reply to your messages promptly this means it should never take more than a day to reach to your attorney. In the case where he has travelled or he is attending court sessions, then it is better for the associate to let you know of any way forward.  A good attorney is creative and will not allow you to go through heavy expenses. He will conduct his work fast and look for better ways of making everything work accurately in a professional manner.

A good attorney will advise on the most essential matters depending on the nature of the case, and will not charge higher rates just because you have a case.    There are many places where you can find them, like on the internet; there are many links that would lead you to agencies.

The most important thing to do is ensure the attorney has been certified and approved with a license to carry out his role. Also check on his reviews and see what the previous clients have to say, if the testimonies are good, then probably your case will also be handled with professionalism.

Natural Health vs Modern Medicine

Natural health versus modern medicine, which is better?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy body system, there are many options in the market today. Time has changed and people are only ready to go with the quick and faster methods that will bring results. It is not offensive to switch to the modern medicine, but all the same some people have found comfort in using the natural health programs. Whichever way, it all depends on the interest of the individual.


The main reason why many people use the natural health method is because there are no harmful side effects since it consists of purely natural ingredients from the fruits and vegetable juices. Another benefit of natural health is the affordability. It is much easier to get access to the green vegetable and blend some juice compared to the cost of over the counter drugs. The availability of the natural supplements has made it easier for many people who seek this form of healing.

Modern medicine on the other hand has helped a number of people.  No one can deny the huge advancements made by medicine and that these drugs have really saved many people’s lives. Ranging from the tablets, syrups, capsules and the costly surgeries, it has actually made a difference in many people’s lives.  This has eventually lowered on the death rates as many people can seek treatment before it is too late.  There are some chronic conditions like stroke, diabetes, meningitis, high blood pressure and the like which only needs the help of a professional expert in the modern medicine world. HIV/AIDS has been a threat for a long time, though the death rates have finally slowed down through the use of the modern medicine.

Modern drugs have undeniably brought a positive impact for all age levels however expensive they might seem.  Much as the modern drugs are the most popularly used, there are some critics about them and it can only be analyzed on a personal perspective because a good number of people rely on these medicines for healing.  We should have faith in the doctors, because inspite of the possible complications associated with medical treatment, it should always be known that they are only human and can make mistakes.


Consumption of pain relieving drugs is epidemic and has resulted in catastrophic collateral damage to our nation’s health.  An alternative is chiropractic care, a conservative, well documented and effective treatment of many causes of pain.  Chiropractors are well trained and covered by most insurances.  I would recommend anyone in Minnesota visit Minneapolis chiropractor Dr. Harlan Mittag.

Unfortunately some of these mistakes can have a long lasting detrimental effect on the victim.  According to some recent statistics, it has been discovered that a good percentage of deaths have been caused by negligence or carelessness of the doctors. This is one thing that always put the modern medicine at a risk.  Nine millions Americans have undergone some unnecessary surgeries as well as unwanted prescriptions in order to treat the wrong complications. Such cases have become prevalent, and this explains the debate on whether to switch to the natural medicine or stick to the modern medicine.

One of the main problems why many doctors may not be efficient is because they are taught to treat the disease without necessarily establishing the root problem.  It is a good sign that many doctors care for their patients, however, there is no guarantee that mistakes will ever be avoided.

In this case, it is a personal responsibility for everyone to maintain a healthy program that will prevent common complications.  This can be done by having a routine program of cleansing the body, maintaining a regular exercising system, taking plenty of water and sustaining yourself with a balanced diet. This is the ultimate cure for all your problems. The natural health medicines have no side effects since they contain helpful nutrients that will help the body.  Before you use them, always make sure that you have an expert’s view on the same.  There are some complications which can only be addressed by the modern medicine, especially in the cases of operation or surgeries.  It cannot be evaluated therefore on the best way to turn to for medical help since people have their own preferences. The best thing is to maintain a healthy body system to prevent disease, use the natural food supplements as well since they do not have any chemicals in them.

As a personal note I see a Minneapolis chiropractor regularly and have not had to see a regular medical doctor for many years for other than annual checkups.  I take no regular medication and seldom have to take pain medication.

Is Whiplash Injury Possible In Low Impact Collisions

fender-benderIt is often assumed that if you’re an accident and there is little or no damage to your car that you should not be injured. On the surface, this seems logical. But in fact research has shown that it is far from true. Unfortunately you have to know a little bit about physics in order to understand this paradox. So let me tell you (from the physics “light” point of view) why it is true.

Injury to a driver or passenger can occur in a variety of ways. If in the collision the drivers thrown about in the automobile, striking the window or door or steering wheel, or being impacted by an airbag, there is direct trauma due to the impact. But with the advent of seatbelts this sort of trauma is less common. Nowadays if you have an accident (and you were wearing seatbelts the way you’re supposed to) you’re not likely to be injured due to your body striking something within the vehicle (outside of the airbags which to cause these entries).

A more likely scenario is being hit by breaking glass or being crushed due to compressing metal. So in other words, if you escape being crushed by the car crumpling in the collision, you escape this type of injury. However another type of injury is much more common these days. It has to do with the trauma of acceleration and deceleration which occurs upon impact and which is paradoxically magnified when we are constrained by seatbelts.

When you are in a collision, whether you are hit from behind her from the side, or whether you strike another vehicle at the moment of impact there is rapid acceleration and/or deceleration. Think of movies where you’ve seen a pilot being accelerated under several G’s force is a rocket takes off or as a fighter jet comes out of the dive. You can see the distortion of the fighter pilots face. In an automobile accident there is a very very rapid traumatic acceleration/deceleration which occurs in 3/10 of a second. After the collision most people don’t even remember it, it happens so fast.

But during this split-second the soft tissues of the spine are subjected to traumatic stretching which has come to be known as “whiplash“. The tissues which are injured are the holding structures of the spine, the ligaments, vertebral discs, joint capsules, muscles and tendons–all of which are highly innervated by nerve endings including pain nerve endings. So damage to these. Soft Tissues which are highly innervated and pain nerve endings can result in significant pain following injury.

But how can there be so much traumatic force to the spinal tissues if there is little or no damage to the automobile?  Insurance companies often use confusion on this issue to dismiss the significance of an injury.  It is important to find a good PI attorney if this is the case.

Were finally back to our physics lesson. It’s the force of acceleration/deceleration which is transmitted to the driver or passenger that causes the stretching which in turn causes the soft tissue injury. So the more acceleration/deceleration that occurs in the collision, the more traumatic force is transferred to the occupant and the more soft tissue injury occurs. Keep that thought in mind.

You might think that “Well, if there is more damage to the car, then there was more acceleration/deceleration to the automobile, and therefore greater injury to the occupant”. That’s reasonable thinking except that physics says pretty much the opposite. You see the damage to the vehicle actually absorbs force. The impact is absorbed by collapsing bumpers, trunks, etc. This absorption of the traumatic force results in less acceleration/deceleration of the vehicles involved. Consequently from this standpoint greater car damage results in less acceleration/deceleration and consequently less transference of traumatic force to the occupant, and therefore less injury to the occupants.

A Minneapolis PI attorney that I know has won big awards for his clients because he understands the physics of car collisions and is able to explain it to a jury.

A good example of this would be the collision of two billiard balls versus the collision of two milk cartons. If these two hypothetical collisions involve the same amount of force there would be significantly more acceleration/ deceleration in the collision of the billiard balls because neither of the billiard balls would be deformed in the collision. All of the force of the collision would go into decelerating the billiard ball that was moving before the impact, and accelerating the billiard ball that was struck in the impact. A similar scenario occurs with cars that have non-deforming bumpers mounted on a spring. You can have a rear Ender in these cars with little or no damage to the bumpers, relatively large amounts of acceleration and deceleration, and consequently significant soft tissue injury with little or no car damage.