dissentIn my last post I touched on how Americans are rising up and making their voices heard about their anger towards the current direction our government is going.  However, it seems that Obama and the Democrats don’t think this anger is for real.  They can’t fathom that maybe a majority of Americans don’t want government run health care, government ownership of banks, government ownership of car companies, and a nearly two trillion dollar deficit.  They (Obama and the Dems) refuse to consider that maybe a majority of Americans are no longer under the spell of Hope and Change and are starting to wake up.

The DNC communications director, Brad Woodhouse, issued a statement regarding the protesters.  According to Woodhouse and the DNC, “The Republicans and their allied groups, desperate after losing two consecutive elections and every major policy fight on Capitol Hill … are inciting angry mobs of a small number of rabid right wing extremists funded by K Street Lobbyists to disrupt thoughtful discussions about the future of health care in America taking place in Congressional Districts across the country.”  Rabid right wing extremists?!?  Was the soldier I showed in my last post, who gave his Congresswoman a Constitutional law lesson, acting like a rabid extremist?  No, of course not.  He was armed with knowledge of the Constitution and was letting his representative in Congress know that what she is doing is wrong.  Even the large group of people who protested Rep. Doggett, while loud, were not acting like rabid extremists.  They were acting like citizens who are angry at their government and mad that their elected representatives are not representing them.  Angry?  Yes. Mad?  Yes.  Rabid extremists?  No. For a good comparison here is a video of some rabid extremist protesters…

Democrats didn’t say that these people were “…angry mobs of a small number of rabid right wing (left wing in this case) extremists funded by K Street Lobbyists.”  However they are claiming that these people are…

The first video shows people who truly come across as rabid extremists yet the Democrats don’t criticize them. The second video shows people who actually know something about our history and our Constitution and are speaking out about it. To the Democrats they are a rabid, extremist mob, yet the people in the first video aren’t.  In what world does this make sense?

Then we have the Obama-Joker poster,


Liberals have called this picture dangerous and are horribly offended by it.  Where were they when pictures like these were coming out on a daily basis?




Is there any more doubt that a liberal double standard exists?  We have honest, hardworking, educated Americans who are speaking out at town hall meetings and Democrats want to criticize them.  I guess the Democratic response to arguments they can’t answer is to insult the ordinary Americans making the arguments.

11 Responses to Dissent is Patriotic, Unless You are a Conservative

  1. theCL says:

    You know, it’s almost like living in that Jim Kerry movie, the one where he was living inside the artificial world created by the tv producers …

    Saying the media biased, that’s too generous. Major news media today, has become the official State Organ!

  2. Matt says:

    The hypocrisy is so pronounced, so obvious, that it’s the only thing that is “transparent” about the left. Great post!

  3. Harrison says:

    N. Korea feels the same way about their leader.

  4. PatrioticMom says:

    I thought I was informed, but watching the videos you posted has shown me the side of the town hall meetings that weren’t shown on the media, even the conservative one. Thank you! We are trying to get Tom Periello, our Congressman, for a town hall meeting but he doesn’t want a group setting – only individual meetings. What is he afraid of – too many questions as to why he is supporting government-run healthcare for his constituents but not his family?

  5. jwruss says:

    Excellent job showing the difference in expression of our right to freedom of speech.
    I think it is interesting as well that Pres. Bush was not defensive when attacked as Obama often is. To me, a person’s response in intense situations demonstrates their true character and solidness as an individual.

  6. Nice article, you did a great job explicating the distinction. My frustration becomes unbearable when these knuckle dragging bipeds fail to see their own hypocrisy.

  7. Joe says:

    And where were you and your readers when the “other side” was protesting? Telling people to go live somewhere else purhaps? And as for the media they were calling the liberals nuts cases as well. but back then you agreed with them so it all fine in dandy.

    I am and have always been independent and trust me, for my vantage point, the HYPOCRISCY is staggering on both sides. But the only one side prompted you to make a webside about it. How odd. And even more odd I only get one side of the picture when both side are ugly. I wonder why.

    Liberal or Conservative the government has abandoned the people along time ago and kept you all fighting and blaming each other. All the while protecting their “interests” and brought the masses on board to trumpet their causes too even beyond government. Welcome to the oligarchy we all helped build.

  8. Joe says:

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go post something similar on one of the liberal leaning blogs to hopefully wake a few others up to this whole “shell game” we call our current republic.

  9. Liberty says:

    Joe, you must be confusing Republican with Conservative. They are not the same thing. As a Conservative I believe in free speech. Even if i think the person speaking is crazy, I still believe they have a right to say what they want. The current politicians in power don’t truly believe in free speech. Obama already said he doesn’t want people who disagree with him to talk, he just wants them to get out of the way. That is the opposite of the Conservative position that holds to our God given, inalienable rights and the Constitution. Would you agree that ignoring the Constitutional limitations on government is the root of all the problems our government has today?

  10. Joe says:

    No confusion. I simply am stating that we haven’t had a true Conservative or any sort of government that truely represents we the people, in a long time. Also I was just pointing out that people act as if this has just started happening recently with Bush and Obama. I hasn’t, they just feel comfortable enough be open about it now. I would definately agree ignoring the Constitutional limitations on government is the basis of the problems with our government today. The root however goes deeper. For instance, while some actions may technically not be prohibited by the Constitution that does not mean our representative officials should (as I call it “play lawyer ball”)make policy that, although not technically prohibited, is still of detriment to the people they are imposing the policy on. I believe we can definately agree on that. Can we agree that this is not new but is continued by this administration? And can we also agree that this seems to be a trend the entire government (with a few exceptions of people that get marginalized)i.e. ‘business as usual’ and not just on the national level, although it is the worst in DC?

    I guess I’m just disappointed and weary that people didn’t (and some still don’t on the side of self proclaimed “progressives” hoping against evidence to the contrary) see this until its the “other guy” that is f-ing things up. And if they did, it sure didn’t motivate them to write blogs. Although I shouldn’t be surprised anymore after all the self proclaimed liberals did the same thing once Bush was in office and many have conviently lost their rage with Obama in office.

    As a Conservative but not necessarily a Republican, then I would expect to see content on general concerns regardless of party. Both parties has gone so far from real (to me Barry Goldwater era) Conservatism that I think there is no shortage of material to write about. However, all I see is articles specific the Democratic (sic) Party. So excuse me if I mistook this a political blog and not a philosophical one. But then again this your blog and I myself don’t have one so you can take my criticism for what it worth (just an opinion of a casual reader).

    I think it is however good that you are exposing the double-standards and piles of BS that the current administration is shoveling. I also comend you for taking the time to do so. I just hope people realize that its not just the administration and its not “all of a sudden” its been happening for along time and the way Washington D.C. does thinigs needs to change not just the people (or Party) making policy. My hope is that people (now that they are waking up and smelling the BS) realize that “changing the guard” isn’t going to be enough. We need to rethinking who is put into office and not just what party they belong to or where they are from or wthe values they simply SAY they have. And we also need to speak up when they directly go against our ideals regardless of who is suffering not just speak up when we are the ones paying the price.

  11. Liberty says:

    Thanks for your comment and explaining your position. I think that the two main parties are socialist(Democrats) and socialist-lite(Republicans). I do not consider myself a Republican and was personally critical of much of what the Republicans have done in the last decade. I have never said that we are now “all of a sudden” becoming socialist and turning away from freedom. I think we have been heading down the road towards tyranny since the New Deal. The sudden increase in speed down this road by the Obama administration and Congress has woken people up and now they are mad. It has nothing to do with political party. It’s kind of like the experiment where you slowly boil a frog in a pot of water and the frog never realizes it. That is how this country has been for decades. Most Americans didn’t realize what was happening because it was slow and incremental but now it is happening fast and furious and that has woken many Americans up. I think we need another Conservative revolution, that continues where the Reagan revolution left off, to bring our country back to the values and liberties it was founded on. I think now is the time for it to happen. People are ready for liberty to make a comeback.

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