Most of us in the continental United States have been dealing with an extremely cold winter.  Here in Virginia, we had a wind chill of 5 below zero yesterday morning.  That’s cold… especially when your average winter temperature is around 35 degrees!  Now it appears that the sunshine state of Florida is getting a rare visit from Jack Frost.   On Sunday night Orlando is expecting a low of 27 degrees F.  So much for the orange crop!  This cold weather is not only affecting those of us in North America, but the rest of the northern hemisphere as well.  The UK and Ireland have been hit with a lot of snow as has most of Europe.  Beijing and Seoul are reporting record cold temperatures and snowfall amounts and India has had over 100 people in it’s northern region die from the cold so far this winter.  This winter is on a course to be the worst in over a generation.

Remember all the global warming scientists who predicted that 2010 would be the hottest year on record?  Well, the first couple of weeks may go on record as some of the coldest.  We’ll have to wait and see if their prediction comes true, but I’m not holding my breath.  These scientists have been making the same prediction every year for the last decade and they have been wrong every time.  But who am I to say they won’t get lucky this year?  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.  Of course, most of the ground is covered in snow so the chances of any squirrel finding a nut right now is pretty slim.

With all of the deaths and travel delays this winter is causing the world, I hereby propose an emergency CO2 emitting day.  Since scientists tell us (although the raw data appears to be missing) that increases in CO2 emissions is causing the Earth to warm, it should make sense that if we all started emitting more CO2, we should be able to warm the Earth.  We could start all the fossil fuel burning engines we have (cars, lawnmowers, chainsaws), crank up our thermostats to 85, start a bunch of bonfires, burn any coal we find laying around, and take off all the CO2 reducing components on factory smokestacks.  Does that sound like a plan?  I’m willing to try anything to warm the temperature up enough so I can at least take my dog for a walk.

So, does anyone want to join me in an emergency CO2 emitting day?

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7 Responses to I Think We Need an Emergency CO2 Emitting Day

  1. Matt says:

    Sounds good to me. Maybe we should take the catalytic converters off the cars as well?

  2. calvin says:

    I would say lets do it!

  3. Patriotic Dissenter says:

    Good idea Liberty! I bet the record-breaking winter is George Bush’s fault.

  4. ThirstyJon says:

    Excellent Idea. This weather is crazy. I feel like all the moisture in my body is blow away by the icy wind every time I go outside!

    I wish I had one of those nice jets like Al Gore.


  5. Harrison says:

    There’s enough hot air on Capitol Hill to go around.

  6. John Carey says:

    Liberty, the other day we were dealing with wind chills of -50 degrees here in North Dakota. So anything we can do to warm it would be welcomed!

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