I was looking at the Drudge Report this morning and saw an article from The Telegraph that caught my attention.  The title of the article is Barack Obama Sees Worst Poll Rating Drop in 50 Years.  The article cites Gallup poll numbers that show Obama had a 78% approval rating in January but is now down to a 53% rating.  I knew Obama’s poll numbers were consistently dropping, but I hadn’t realized it was the largest drop for a new President in 50 years.


It got me wondering.  Why haven’t U.S. news agencies picked up on this?  Then I remembered how the White House pretty much controls the main stream media and any news agency that does not allow itself to be controlled (i.e. Fox) is attacked.  I wonder if the White House will start attacking the British Papers since they have been growing more critical of Obama and his policies?

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4 Responses to Obama’s Approval Rating Worst Drop in 50 Years

  1. Matt says:

    I wonder if his numbers will plateau at some point, just around the level of the percentage of his core supporters. Independents are leaving him in droves, the hard left is growing inpatient, but I think there will be a core group that will support him no matter what.

  2. Charles says:

    The only polls that matter for Obama are the final ones in 2010 and 2012. The far left nutcases will stay, no matter what, simply because they have nowhere else to go. Basically, he is doing the same thing with them that the Republicans do with the Religious Right nutcases, which is to cozy up to them with positive sweet talk to get their votes and assure that little or none of their agenda gets passed into lasting law. If things in general move in a positive direction by November 2012, we will be looking at another 4 years of Obama. The bad news for you guys is that when our country is this low and in this much trouble, there is an argument that there is no where else left to go but up.

    However, I think some of you would argue that it could get worse with runaway government spending under Obama going to 30 trillion dollars per day before the feasting is done. Personally, I don’t see that. Obama and Pelosi may look stupid, but I think they are smart enough to know that this health care “gig” is pretty much the end of it on big spending. You can be assured that Bill Clinton will be whispering it into their ears until they do stop it.

    I guess my basic concern is how (on top of the Bush AND Obama spending) are we going to pay for the next round of Republican wars after Iraq and Afghanistan? Or, as one military man in the Reagan administration put it back when Liberty was still in diapers, “We need to have a good war ever so many years so we will have an opportunity to field test our new military technology, tactics, and strategy under realistic battlefield conditions.”

  3. Charles says:

    Oh. One more thing guys. I was looking after my daughter this morning with regard to a charitable event. After getting back home, I noticed that Obama had used the swine flu as an excuse to declare a “national emergency.” This could be the BIG ONE that saps like Limbaugh, Beck, etc. claim is just around the corner—the final liberal dictatorship.

    I’d get my guns out if I were you guys. You never know when a liberal is going to bang on your door at 3:00 a.m.—and ask if you would like to buy Girl Scout cookies.

  4. Burro says:

    ***Personally, I don’t see that. Obama and Pelosi may look stupid, but I think they are smart enough to know that this health care “gig” is pretty much the end of it on big spending.

    Just like the chain smoker who is going to smoke one more cigarette and then quit.

    Thanks for the heads up on the impending coup. I am going to go ready my arsenal.

    Graveyard shift girl scout cookie sales position??? We finally get some results from the stimulus package.

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