A global warming scammer and wannabe journalist tried to ambush Sen. Inhofe (R-Ok) as he was leaving a committee hearing.  The scammer’s name is Mark Hertsgaard and he tries repeatedly to get Sen. Inhofe to answer loaded questions and respond to red herrings and straw man arguments.  Unfortunately for the scammer, Inhofe was on his game and totally makes him look foolish.  What makes this exchange on global warming so great is that we have two versions of the ambush to watch.  Mr. Hertsgaard had an assistant with a video camera to catch the exchange, but Inhofe’s communication director also had a camera handy and recorded everything.  Mr. Hertsgaard edited his video to the point of journalistic dishonesty, while Inhofe’s communication director’s video is completely unedited.  Watch both of the videos to see just how heavily edited and misleading this global warming scammer’s video is.  The intelectual dishonesty from the left in general and from the global warming alarmists in particular is astounding.

First, the unedited video–

And here is the heavily edited video as posted by Mr. Hertsgaard–

The Roman author, Vegetius once said, “An Ambuscade, if discovered and promptly surrounded will repay the intended mischief with interest.” I think he was right.

3 Responses to Sen. Inhofe Owns Global Warming Scammer

  1. Matt says:

    Wow, a leftist being deceptive to make a political point? How completely unusual. :P

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  3. Russell C says:

    But wait, there’s more. We need to ask if the ‘ambusher’ can take what he dishes out. Please see: “Global Warming Alarmist ambushes Sen. Inhofe – can the alarmist withstand a congressional ambush on him?”

    Excerpt: “There is a bigger problem for Hertsgaard, when we reword a biblical phrase to say, ‘let he who is above reproach cast the first interrogation’. Enviro-activists like him have long made unsupportable accusations. What happens when the tables are turned, with hard scrutiny of those accusations? Hertsgaard unwittingly opens the door to a Pandora’s box of interrogation aimed at him and many others who have portrayed skeptic scientists as corrupted by big oil interests.”

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